Six computer tricks that everybody should know

With some general tips, you can use your computer even faster. However, the list would be so long that we would start with the basics.

Some of us use a computer every day. We also want to be as efficient as possible. Whether we need all SSDs to be faster, the head of the company must know. If you were to work faster at once in this case, it would be time for a wage increase. But fun aside. There are still many tricks that even advanced users do not know, but make PC everyday life too easier for us. We could start with Windows now, limit ourselves to browser tips and stop somewhere at macOS. The list would be infinite – so we’d first send you these tips in chunks.

It sounds boring, but some of the essential keyboard shortcuts need to get you into your flesh and blood. A few tips:

-Reproduce closed browser tab: If you want to return to a browser tab, you just closed, press the key combination Ctrl+Shift+T (for Mac: CMD+Shift+T).

  • Open link in a new tab: When you press the centre button of the mouse, the selected link will open in a new tab.
  • Google Backward Search: If you want to use Google Chrome to determine the source of an image, press the S key at the same time when you right-click the image. Google tries to find the origin of the image source.
  • Undo errors: Did you know that you can “rewind” almost every action, i.e. the folder you just deleted? Not only with Photoshop or Word, the Ctrl+Z shortcut is an insider tip.

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