Samsung wants to use drones

Field engineers have used AI drones to examine cell towers on the business’s campus.
Samsung said Monday that it conclusively demonstrated a brand-new system utilizing a drone-based expert system to measure antenna configurations for 4G and 5G network towers.
Cellular antennas are typically installed at excellent heights on towers and roofs. When the antenna requires maintenance, field engineers have to climb up these tall cell towers. By using drones to keep towers, Samsung aims to use operators an easier method to manage cell sites, increase worker safety and improve network performance.
Samsung said that the system, which is demonstrated at its campus, lets field engineers use mobile phones to remotely fly a camera-equipped drone that can take photos of the tower’s antenna. AI then confirms the position of the antenna, making certain it’s been installed correctly at the right rotation and tilt.
“As the variety of 5G network sites grows, there has been a heightened concentrate on network performance by operators. We see an increased market need for intelligent options for website maintenance,” Sohyong Chong, Samsung’s vice president, head of network automation, said in a release.

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