Useful Tips To Avoid Failure Of Study In Australia.

Hello, my name is Luiz araújo I am development coordinator for business at the Australian consulate, and today I will tell you what you need to know to be in Australia. We have 43 universities in Australia, 40 of which are public the difference is that here in Brazil public education is free and in Australia, the public education is paid in another difference is that there is no entrance exam in Australia. each educational institution has its selection process  but generally speaking for Brazilian students who want to study at Australia to graduate they need to be proficient in English, and the most common tests that are proficiency requests are eight co-top a need to present the diploma of completion of high school or history and how there are differences between the Australian school curriculum and the

Brazilian curriculum Brazilian students also. Need to do a year of a preparatory program called foundation a plan to prepare the student for the subjects he will not study at graduation and if he doesn’t have the necessary level of English. He can also be reinforcing English is also during this period, some institutions also accept that the student has completed one year of graduation. Who has a diploma from a technical course taken in Australia this for undergraduate and graduate students, besides English, it is necessary to present the curriculum references to educational institutions or companies depending on the feet the prerequisites may vary entirely according to the level of the course. Student needs to take,  generally in addition to the diploma graduation, more research-oriented courses such as a master’s degree also a doctorate. The student needs to present participation in research and initiation projects or publications of articles related to the topic. Institutions are not yet accepting the broad as in the selection process, but they are evaluating this possibility.

They may soon begin to accept generally all  Australian universities. They are very open to receiving students,

not only Brazilian students but the giants of America, they are very interested in increasing diversity among their students, including some educational institutions they have a course of studies specific for students from Latin America every university.

 In Australia has its scholarship program studies, programs even specific for students from Latin America from the government of Australia. There is a program this month’s new call-in Australia to offer scholarships reviews for students who intend to study in regional areas of the Australia regions located outside the main capitals. This scholarship program will offer 1,000 scholarships a year to students international students and Australian students. These are the grants that are vacant for undergraduate and graduate technical courses is the destination. In Australia is a new program registration is not yet open. Still, they should start this semester for students who have an interest in finding out more information about scholarship programs. They can access the international education website a punctual gov point barricaded chips students need a visa to study in Australia to apply for a student visa is online the student. , it is essential that he first has the confirmation letter from university enrollment only with this document that he gets almost the application of the study for courses lasting less than three months. The student does not necessarily need a student visa he can apply for a tourist visa, but this garbage does not allow working with the student visa. It will enable you to work 40 hours every two weeks part-time and during full-time holidays.

 One more advantage for the undergraduate and graduate they can apply for a work visa after their course is over depending on the duration of this visa will depend on the level of the system that the student is studying the costs are quite variable at a minimum cost per. Example of a bachelor’s degree it can range from 20 thousand to 45 thousand dollars.

 Australians a year a postgraduate can also be from 15,000 to over 60,000 Australian dollars per year for cost of living in Australia. There is an estimate around  1,700, Australian dollars a month, it depends on the city that the student is going to live and the lifestyle. Generally, the capitals are a little more expensive, for example, Sydney and Melbourne. Capital of Australia has a very high price of living. It ends up that regional destination is more affordable living in cities that are not so known, for example, the academic year. 

Australia is very similar to that of brazil most universities are split periods and masters to enrol for universities are open practically all year round. The recommendation is that the student makes a triple with a particular advance of at least three months classes usually start in late February. Beginning of March with short vacations in the middle of the year and typically go up.  December if the student is interested in starting his studies at the beginning of the year, he is recommended to enrol

around September October and for students who want to start in the middle of the year the indication is to make a tricolour around March. the Australian government has a website for students who are interested in knowing

more about education courses in Australia and also about the style of life in the country which is the stadium in Australia point 9 points to 1 and we also has an Instagram page which is a stadium in Australia underline which has lots of information about studying in Australia.

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