Apply to university in Thailand

Have you ever seen about siren broad like in Thailand?  Its breathtaking view country.  So, it’s a great opportunity to sit on your own eyes.  Today I’ll help you with applying Intel and University.  I’ll show you how to find a list of talent universities, but the others and the faster way to do it.  I will use free applied. Com.  If you have no wizard said before I recommended you to do it because it’s for free is a world largest university admission system.  It’s comfortable interface with a lot of filters to easy finding your best university program.  It’s directly live chat with any universities. Today, I will show how to apply to University in Thailand.  It’s easier and fast and what is the most important is for free.  So, we can get started.  First of all, you need to the country in which you want to study as I said I want to study in Thailand.  I told it I won’t find a biology program.  Biological children so the free place system redirect me to the list of universities with selected program in biology.  We can say the list, I went to a bachelor degree.  Also, you can choose a few limits like how much you’re ready to pay, and also you can choose the state in which you want to start it.  For example, Bangkok and here we can say all of the list with selected filters.  In case, if you know exactly in which university, you want to study.  

You can type the name here or you can select one University from all of the lists which are alike. For example, let’s start with the first University.  We’ll open it here.  We can see their photos of the university like the main information about it.  All programs in bachelor master and PhD degree also in the right side, you can see the minimal fee on one program in this university.  I like it and I will let it and I will let it to my wish list.  now when I go back to the all the search result and I also want to add this University to my wish list and this you also can open it, and look at the photos and the main information and programs but now we are go back to the first University, and click apply now the free apply system redirected you to sign in or to create an account.  In fact, your first on this side I already have an account. So, I’m in the system and I are directed to the request form here.  I should the choose program in which you want to study as I said one study biologically.  I wonder it more about it.  So,  I click about here we can see that the three years of study full-time study mode and language of instructions more about IELTS and TOEFL certificates and other documents which you need to before apply and now we are go back and choose it.  Also, I’m interested in chemistry.  I also enjoyed.   It’s like.  I can choose box of the program and now we can click “Next”.  

Here is the system advises you to send some localization to the University.  You can choose one two or all or all so you can write your personal question.  For example, what level of language is needed for learning and now we’re going to hear.  You can choose the University in which you want to send a letter.  It’s like our first University and similar ones.  So, I won’t choose the three Universities and it will be these two and this one.  And now, I click “next” here.  You can see an example of the letter which we will send it’s our question and all of the letter.  Also here you can correct your question.  If it’s important and now, I’ click and send the request.  So on the left side, you can see all must request to the University.  She also can see the answer to the letter and in this forum.  You also can submit your documents.  If it’s important what about a stressful letter is the pending University their timetable and people usually through one day to a week and if you won’t be online.  You will get the letter on your email address which you write in August.  So, you don’t worry to miss the answer.  Also, we advise you to fill your profile as much as possible because in this way a representative will trust you more and will answer you faster.  So we can add your photos here and some more contacts that is all that I wanted to tell you

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